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Rabu, 02 Juli 2014

foam nozzle

Foam nozzle
konector machino,storz ,instatanius,american drat
VDH, produk berkwalitas
dijamin asli bersertifikat

Selasa, 27 Mei 2014

Gas Detektor

Product Features :
* High sensitivity to gas, sound and flash when alarming.
* Independent/work/wireless output ( optional )
* Adopted nano sensor, match up with the ratent technology,can reduce    the missing and false alarm.
* Can work with exhaust fan and electromagnetic value.
* Fit For most of light-current systems.
* High Stability and long-life span.
* Ceiling mounted, good appearance and low consumtion.
* Reset automatically after alarm eliminated

   Technical Parameters:

 Sensitive gas coal gas, nature gas, LPG
 Thickness to alarm coal and LPG:0.1%~0.5%; Nature gas:0.1%~0.3%
 Working voltage 220VAC  without external transformer  DC12V optipnal
 Working current <100ma font="">
 Working environment -10~50°C; <97 font="">
 Alarm output menthod wired sound and flash on spot, automaticallt shut after alarm eliminates
 Alarm output method wireless alarm emission frequency: 315/433M
 Wireless emission distance 150M, customizable
 Sound level 85dB/10inch
 Response time less than 20s

Rabu, 21 Mei 2014

Life Raft

Life Raft  Alat Evakuasi di tengah laut.
12 Orang     1460 x 700 mm
15 Orang     1460 x 700 mm
16 Orang     1460 x 700 mm
20 Orang     1500 x 740 mm
25 Orang     1500 x 740 mm

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EEBD Huwayan

Emergency Escape Breathing Device
Perlengkapan peralatan evakuasi,untuk menbantu pernapasan ringan
Durasi   :15 menit
Call       : 081317413269
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